Hi my name is Briana Grimes I am the twin sister to the amazing talented, hard working, passionate and positive Brittany Dalziel. Brittany founded Lotus tree in 2015, I envied her every move from the start and wanted into Lotus Tree for years, she finally accepted me as a partner and now we are making even more memories running a business together. 

I grew up in Carlyle moved away for half of my life down the road to Arcola. where I married, divorced and I have a beautiful perfect little boy from  that relationship. I have been back living in Carlyle for a few years now where I live happily with my son and my boyfriend.

Health has always been something that I have been very passionate about because I have had so many battles myself. When the opportunity arouse to keep the health supplements selling out of Lotus Tree I was all for it. I am extremely passionate about the eminence organic skin care line we carry, as well as the professionals that come to our facility. 

I do not have a degree in business therefore I am learning on the fly, I believe in outstanding customer service and going the extra step to make clients feel special.

I have been in the service industry since I was a young teen, after graduation I attended cosmetology school. Upon completion of that I worked for several years as a stylist.  

When you visit Lotus Tree I am your “ front end gal” hoping you enjoy your stay and helping you with retail purchases of our many lines of natural health products we sell. 

I had never really found my passion, my “calling” if you will, Until I joined the Lotus Tree Wellness and Healing Team. This is my passion, my passion is helping people. 

So when you do visit Lotus Tree, know that you are walking in to a safe, happy place full of love and passion for what we do.