Lotus Tree Wellness and Healing
is a Multi-Disciplinary Wellness Centre.

We strive to offer the best in all aspects of our business and look forward to taking care of our clients needs from the inside out.

In our boutique we carry various natural supplements, Halfmoon yoga supplies, malas, therapy supplies and Eminence Organic skin care.

Our Services

  • Registered Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Psychology
  • Bioflex Laser Therapy
  • Botox & Fillers
  • Aesthetics
  • Medical Aesthetics 
  • Hair Styling
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Rain Drop Therapy
  • Hearing Specialists
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Get Social!

TIPS TO AVOID holiday 🎄 STRESS! from our Registered Psychologist Micheal White! Lotus Tree Wellness & Healing

1. Make a plan. Create a list of the things you want to do over the Christmas season such as baking, events, decorating, etc. Don’t commit yourself to too much.

2. Take time for yourself. Allow yourself time to relax and enjoy simple things like games or puzzles with your immediate family, reading a book, or watching a movie.

3. Make a budget for your gift giving and stick to it.

4. Get outside for some fresh air.

5. If you are feeling down or isolated reach out for support from a friend, spiritual support person, or professional help.

6. Understand that it’s OK to say no to things. You don’t have to visit every one or eat/drink everything offered. In fact, it’s OK to use COVID-19 as an excuse this year to not visit some people you feel you “have” to visit.

7. Stick to your routines as much as possible (including for your kids). This includes things like bedtimes, meal times, exercise, etc.
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"The Only time of year in which one can sit in front of a dead TREE, 🌲and eat candy🍭 out of SOCKS" Lotus Tree Wellness & Healing

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