Nicole Smulan PhotoNicole Shirley is a Yoga Teacher who is also trained in the art of ancient Thai massage.

She began practicing yoga seven years ago.

“I am naturally the farthest thing from flexible, so I first got into it to improve on my flexibility,” she says, adding she quickly appreciated the fact yoga isn’t a competition against everyone else.

“I was so used to playing competitive sports and yoga allowed me to finally drop my ego and relax,” she says.

Shirley was trained in Toronto and Montezuma, Costa Rica.

She has been teaching yoga for three years and says the most rewarding part is at the end of class seeing people smiling and leaving, happier than when they walked in.

Shirley says she is motivated by her daughter.

“I want to be a healthy and strong role model for her.”

She also longs for the freedom and bliss she feels every time she steps on her yoga mat.

For Shirley, being a part of Lotus Tree Wellness and Healing, means being part of a community that shares the same mind set and passions she does.

*Fact – Shirley is trained to give an extremely relaxing hour-and-a-half full body ancient Thai massage.