Shawna MacDougall RAC RCRT – Reiki and Reflexology

“I clearly recall my first reflexology treatment. It was 1984, I was 17 and when the 70 years young reflexologist wrapped up my feet at the end of the session, I remember thinking I’d never felt like this before. It was such an amazing feeling! I knew that day I would someday study reflexology to learn how having my feet touched could achieve that feeling and to learn to give that to others.”

That day presented itself in 1998 when Shawna began studying reflexology through the Reflexology Association of Canada under the teachings of Carol Stewart. Practising on family and friends, the dream of becoming a reflexologist remained throughout the years Shawna raised her family and built a career in corporate sales. In late 2017, having turned 50 earlier in the year seeing how truthfully unfulfilled she felt in the corporate world, and with the encouragement and support of her family, Shawna made the conscious decision to leave the corporate world. Seeking guidance in December ‘17, she registered for a Vision Board workshop and a Desire Map workshop and while working on her CDF’s (core desired feelings) in the workshop she was guided to refresh her reflexology and in April 2018 she re-enrolled in the RAC Reflexology course. As the Universe does when a goal is set in motion, life changes escalate quick and her corporate contract dissolved in May gifting her the time to refresh her burnt out body and focus on her studies and practicum. Shawna received her Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT) certification in December 2018.

Shawna is a USUI Reiki Master/ Teacher having received her Reiki Level I in 1997, Level II in 1998, Advanced Practitioner in April 2015 and Master/ Teacher in October 2015. Along with Reflexology treatments Shawna will be offering Reiki sessions as well as levels of Reiki certification workshops.

Over the past 22 years she has studied various modalities including Natural Healing Techniques Level I & II, Aromatherapy, Discovering & Developing Your Intuitive Gifts, Feng Shui and Desire Map by Danielle La Porte. As a Desire Map Facilitator, Shawna will be offering Vision Board workshops in near future.  Always expanding her knowledge of Reflexology, Reiki and natural therapies by investing in courses, workshops and seminars for her and her clients benefit, she is currently studying an Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology course.

Through personal experience, Shawna has learned that healing must start from the inside with thoughts and emotions. The modalities she incorporates work to go to the source, the programming, and create positive changes in the body, mind and spirit. She loves learning, growing and healing with her clients and assisting as the guide for awakening their self healing.

“Ultimately it is always the body that heals itself. The body only needs the right conditions for this to occur. All practitioners of healing, irrespective of their training, merely assist the body’s self-healing process.”
Bente Hansen The New World of Self-healing: Awakening the Chakras & Rejuvenating Your Energy Field

Shawna makes her home with her partner at Kenosee Lake. She loves time spent with family, being in nature, hiking, reading, yoga, entertaining and travel. And, with her partner, always excitedly planning their next adventure together!



Initial Treatment $75
Please allow 60- 70 mins for initial meeting as we will complete a Health Intake Form to gain     basic information about you and your health.

Follow up Treatment $65
50 – 60 min



Session $60
50 – 60 min


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